Donna Bach

Donna Bach

Naturopathic Health Practitioner

Donna Bach comes from a family tradition of five generations of natu healers. She received her degree in Naturopathic Medicine in 1974 and brings over 40 years of experience to her practice of natural healing, bodywork, Neurofeedback-assisted brain optimization, Energy psychology coaching and other cutting-edge natural healing modalities. She is an international speaker and group facilitator who is passionate about inspiring people to purposefully create transformations in their lives. She was certified by Anna Wise as a teacher of Neuro Alchemy Flow, formerly known as "Awakened Mind," offering seminars at Esalen Institute and many international destinations, assisting participants to achieve the higher states of consciousness using the latest electronic brainwave (EEG) monitoring equipment called the "Mind Mirror."

Donna Bach is passionate about helping individuals heal from emotional issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, abuse, acute and chronic stress. She specializes in trauma recovery, especially helping adult survivors of sexual and emotional abuse to heal from childhood trauma and to rebuild their self-esteem and resiliency. Any kind of trauma, big or small, gets locked in our minds and bodies and unless processed and released, can cause a lot of emotional and physical distress. Emotional recovery very often is the key to overcoming physical issues caused by past traumas. Working together with individuals includes the intention to become fluent with the basic knowledge of self-transformational tools we use in sessions, so that you can become your own advocate and handle issues on your own even after the therapy sessions are over. 

She works with all ages and has a lot of experience engaging children or youth in this process. 

Donna is fluent in Spanish and welcomes Spanish-speaking clients who she can support professionally in their own language.

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